Tax Assistant EY



First of all im confused if this a Graduate role or not. reason i ask is the interview was not strength based questions, it was the traditional Competency based questions.
Also the recruitment process seems to be different:
Aplication form sent
Online checking and numerical test
Open day
Now i had my interview and was advised i was successful, they have invited me to the open day. they advised that they will let me know if they decide to give me an offer after the open day. my main question is is the open day a formality? and as long as i don’t make a fool of myself are my chances of getting the job high Or will it be a rigorous day where i may be asked to do team work/ display behaviours etc.

The way they described the open day was its a chance to meet people doing the job ive applied for, senior manager and get to know people.



Take a look at the responses on this thread here some of which are relevant for you.

If you are unsure about the job you are applying for, or what you will be expected to do on the open day, then check with the recruiter. They will get questions like this all the time. Generally speaking though, any open day will be used by the recruiter as an opportunity to assess your ability to communicate, work with others, listen and see how you interact in a professional environment.

good luck!


hi there,

I know this feed was from 2014, but I am in the same position as you at the moment.

I applied to Personal Tax Assistant role, it is an entry level job. But how do the benefits of this differ from graduate scheme?


if theres opportunities for professional development eg: ACA ACCA CIMA CFA then its a grad level job if not then its not a grad job