Tata Steel Graduate Scheme 2011


Anybody spplied to Tata Steel this year? And if they have, has there been any contact from them?

I applied in November and haven’t been contacted still.


I heard from them a few days ago and have now got a telephone interview in 2 days. They told me it was around 30 mins and comprising of competency questions only


ah thanks!! I still haven’t heard from them yet!! Best of luck for your interview tho!!


I just had my telephone interview and spoke wth a cheerful lady who asked me about 5/6 competency questions. I didn’t get the chance to write them down but they included questions on (not in exact wording)

1.‘A time you had done/achieved something with minimal help/guidance’
2.‘A time you have changedyour mind and gone in a different direction’ (looking for flexibility)
3.‘A time you decided to take time and focus on yur personal development’
4.‘What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time/ how did you get there’

There were two more questions based on achievements but Q’s 2&3 were the trickiest in my opinion.

She said they will contact me within two weeks to tell me if i am successful or not


I am having the telephone interview on February 1.
I would be very much thankful if anybody could provide me more details on what questions they ask for the same.

Thanks in advance.!!!


I will be having my telephone interview soon. Can anyone shed more light on the Interview please? Thanks :slight_smile:



Has anyone done the Verbal Reasoning Test of Tata Steel? Is it like the typical SHL verbal reasoning tests?



Any Idea how long do they take to get back after the interview?


It took about two days… Also the tests are fairly ok. Timing is key again. I could have done better if i had not let my concentration stray away!


Hi alrite everyone? I am soon supposed to have an interview ont he 11th…was just wondering if anyone could share what was asked from them apart from the questions mentioned above … Thanks it would be very much appreciated…and I will update once I have had my one…


I really cant remember too well, the questions that were asked off me. But they did ask a question on a time when i have gone an extra mile to do something nice to someone, me in 5 years time - plans etc, why tata.


Any one in for assesment centre on 15th this month ?


Oh did you hear from them? Congrats :slight_smile: What was your programme on anyway? Also did they call you or email you?


Where is your assessment centre ?


@ Crash .yeah i heard from them yesterday. I have applied for electrical engineering graduate programme. My assesment centre is at Port Talbot. What scheme did u apply for? They e-mailed me about the assesment centre.


@ Ding Dong - Sorry about the long delay. I applied for process control and automation. Called them up and they said its under consideration. All the best with your assessment centre tomorrow. Hope you do great! Cheers


hopefully I do well!!! Thanks mate!!!


I had telephone interview today…It was same questions as mentioned in this page…plus they asked What did you learn from them?..And they send me a link to finish online tests immediately…Can anyone share their own experience in online tests?..whether was it more related to percentage, ratio proportion?



Sorry guys…I found the practice tests from tata steel website which is similar to real test that we have…


Anyone A/C on the 21st and 22nd at PT/Liberty stadium?