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Hi guys,

I’ve done tests with both SHL and PSL but I’ve just been asked to do some tests for Talent Q. Could someone give me an idea of what to expect and are there any links to practice these? I’ve been unable to find any.


bit late.

But an info from some other thread here

http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/general-discussion/royal-mail by http://www.wikijob.co.uk/users/samn-0

“Talent Q is now conducting psychometric test trials. You can practice Talent Q’s numerical, verbal and logical tests. All you need to do is send an email to pawelrebacz@talnetqgroup.com and you will be sent your individual test link.”


Has anyone on here ever taken a test from Talent Q?
As I have a verbal & Numerical test to do. If so can you give me any tips or advice on completing them.


The above email address is no longer available :frowning:

How can we possibly practice for these types of test, apparently the logical reasoning is quite difficult in comparison to most other forms of logical reasoning tests. Would anyone be kind enough to share or perhaps give some insight.

Any help would be kindly appreciated.


Did numerical and verbal tests on TalentQ recently. Seemed really difficult during the tests and I know I made some silly mistakes and didn’t answer all the questions but still got in 80th and 90th percentiles. Advice is to read the questions carefully, keep calm and don’t let earlier mistakes prey on your mind. The tests are designed to stress you and get harder as you do better, so if you can’t answer the later questions that’s a good sign! The hardest thing about the verbal test was the length of the passage, so you could either read it through properly then run out of time to answer the question or go straight from the question and try to find the relevant part in the text. Neither option is ideal, but again this is to stress you out.


Hey bmunky good to know you did well in the tests. I recently did the Talent Q logical test and wow was it difficult. Thankfully I think I did enough due to the fact I have been invited to the first round face to face interview stage. But some of the questions were literally impossible given the 75 second time limit, particularly as the questions progressed.

The PSL ones are nice, I hate the SHL ones I find them slightly more difficult. Do you know anywhere I could practise further talent q questions. Which company did you have to do you talent q tests for if you dont mind me asking?


You can practice Talent Q ability tests at our candidate support website (trytalentq.com)


hey guys, does anyone is aware or has a discount code/voucher for graduatemonkey subscription SHL Kenexa test preparation packs. I would really appreciate if you could send one if you happen to have it for graduatemonkey. I know they used to do discount codes but I could not find one on their site.


when I go to graduatemonkey.com I see SHL and Kenexa numerical test tutorial packs. Which one should I choose?


when I go to graduatemonkey.com I see SHL and Kenexa numerical test tutorial packs. Which one should I choose?


Hi choose the one that corresponds to your test obviously. When the recruiting company sends you a test link, the link will include names like SHL or PSL(Kenexa). From this, you can guess the format.
Hope that helps!