[Talent Pool] Final interview outcome



I applied to KPMG last September in Management Consulting service line. Recently, I was informed my application was moved to the Talent Pool 2015 programme and had the long overdue final interview on the 15th of May. After the interview, I received an email saying I will hear the outcome in the second week of June. As I did not hear anything yesterday, I would like to ask if someone knows when I will definitely hear the outcome?

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Hi there,

I have applied for the T&R programme in London. I am currently waitting for the results as well. Since they said they will reply to us during the second week of June, they still have a few days left. I can’t wait to hear the results,haha. Best of luck!



I am also expecting to hear back from them about the T&R programme in London. Just wondering if London was your original application location as I had mine transferred over from Nottingham which filled up?




My original application was for London. This is weird, I was asked to transfer my application to other locations because they said the London position were full by the time I reached the AC stage but I refused to move due to personal reasons. I was then told I will risk being transferred to 2016 intake if I insist on staying in London. Finally after a few months I was notified that they have opened more positions in London and I was invited for my final interview. Hope this helps:)


It looks like they increased their London intake or some people with offers have reneged, either way its good news for us!

Can I ask when your partner interview was? Mine was on May 26th.




Mine was much earlier, on 8th of May. The waitting time is killing me as it has been over a month now, haha.


Hey guys

Glad to see people in the same situation as mine. I talked to one person from the recruitment team after my interview and was told I would know the outcome on either the 8th, 9th or 10th of June. So I’m hoping the wait would end today.


Let us know if you hear anything, still nothing from my side!


Nothing here either:(


Looking at other threads on here, people have received confirmation of offers for other business areas via email.


The wait is killing me…anyone else waiting to hear back from the Reading office?


Hi all

It is comforting to hear that there are other people waiting for their partner interview outcomes as well. I have applied for T&R in sunny Leeds and am still waiting for a response. Fingers crossed and all the very best to all of us:)


Just got in touch with grad recruitment. They couldn’t tell me when we would hear back, just that it will be this week. I reckon it might be tomorrow at 5 pm haha…


At least they have confirmed it will definitely be this week! Thanks


Still waiting for my outcome for the Ipswich office, fingers crossed!!! Best of luck to us all!!!


Hi all, another guy waiting for the final result here. I guess HRs are working crazily to work everything out within this week.


My application has been on going for half a year now.


I submitted my application on 17 December last year…


I guess it will be tomorrow at 17:59 then.


I just hope this does not drag onto Saturday