Talent Pool 2016 intake



I had my assessment centre in April for the Public Sector Audit scheme and was later advised that I’d passed and KPMG would be in contact to arrange my Partner interview. Following this I got another email saying that intake was full and would I like to be considered for the 2016 talent pool intake where you’d be contacted around the end of July. I replied that I would and I haven’t heard anything since. Does this mean that I didn’t make it to the talent pool or that they just haven’t started partner interviews yet?



Hi Jade,

They haven’t even sorted out the final interviews for the 2015 intakes, they are currently making this their priority as you have probably seen in other posts that people aren’t exactly happy about it. Everything are delayed this year, I am sure you will get a reply soon once they have sorted things out :slight_smile:


Ah okay, thank you! Just got a bit worried because they said end of July but I’ll hang fire!