Taking a graduate role this year then applying for vacancies in 2010


Due to personal commitments I seriously limited what jobs I applied to this year and now I’m in the position where I have a single job offer from a company that’s hardly offering me a living wage once I factor in my travel expenses, cost of living etc. My personal circumstances have now changed dramatically (after most companies have stopped accepting applications for 2009, convenient eh?) but I’m slightly wary of knocking the role back to apply for other things in case I struggle to find something else once I graduate in October. I’ve got a 2:1 degree in Computer Science and I’m doing an MSc at the moment, the role is in the Technology sector.

My question: should I accept the role, stick it out for a year and apply for a wider range of programs starting in 2010 or knock it back and hope for the best? I get the sneaking suspicion that applying for roles whilst working as a trainee for another company would make me look a bit untrustworthy and I can’t say I’m 100% happy with the morality aspect of the whole thing. Then again the role doesn’t have a specific trainee program, more a ‘learn on the job’ style, so it’s not like I’d spend most of my time getting paid to train then leave.

Opinions please.


A key issue would be golden hello payments or any formal qualifications and training you recieve on the new job (i.e CISCO certification, etc). In excess of salary, any benefits you recieve will probably need to be paid back, so that will include course fees.

If the role is just a 1 year graduate scheme, it’s not too much of a problem, as you can begin the new role when the current one finishes. If however you’re commiting to a 2/3 year graduate scheme, you’ll have to consider your options carefully.


There’s no sign-on bonus or formal training that I’m aware of, and whilst the trainee term is 2 years I’m not committed to staying until it finishes. Just can’t make my mind up if it’s slightly immoral to take a graduate job with little or no intention of sticking it out… and whether this bothers me more than it would bother me to graduate without a job and have to keep my fingers crossed that I could find something better in the 2010 round. Would companies even want to hire someone who was already in a graduate role?