Take a leave of absence or face the prospect of a 2.2?


I’ve recently just had my 3rd year results back and I’m averaging a low 2.2 so far. I’m really downhearted about this because I need 63% to get a 2.1. I still have 50% of my 3rd year left. I’m considering taking a leave of absence for a year because at the moment I don’t think I can get a First in the last half of my 3rd year to get a 2.1. The University is ok with this and my department will support me for an impaired performance which can increase my grade between 1-4% (every little helps!). I’m studying BSc Economics at a top 20 Uni.

I plan to go into Accountancy/wealth management once I graduate and during my year off I plan to get some experience as an accounts assistant and take a CFA level 1 or other professional qualification, and I will have a whole year to prepare for my final exams and therefore I stand a much higher chance of nailing them to get my 2.1!

I have family circumstances which have resulted in a low grade this year.

I also don’t really want to graduate with no graduate scheme offer, and re-taking means i can really hammer the apps come august, and a free semester 1!

So would taking an absence of leave be a good idea or not?


Don’t worry at all about being a year behind. I dropped out of a Top 10 university after 2 years (I was on course for a 2.1) and started all over again at a uni ranked in the 80s. I am on course for a solid 1st (85% average) and have secured a job from a Big 4 with 2 more on the horizon.
I am 2 years behind my peers but all that means NOTHING to an employer. Trust me you can work it in interviews and show your leave of absence as a really clever move (it will work in your favour).
Getting a 2.2 will mess you up more than you can imagine. Taking a year out isn’t even a speck of dust when it comes to the overall picture.