Switching from Tier 4 General (Sponsored) to Tier 2 Visa


Hi everyone,

Perhaps you know, according to the UK regulations, in order to be able to switch your visa from Tier 4 General to Tier 2 Visa, sponsored students are required to provide consent letter from their government. My tuition fees and other costs have been sponsored by my government. Despite the fact that they allow me to work in the UK, due to formal reasons, they are unable to provide me with a consent letter.

While applying to Tier 4 Student visa, I have provide a letter showing that all of my fees will be sponsored by my government, but due to some reason, in my visa it is written Tier 4 General (Not sponsored), then would it be possible for me to apply for a visa without consent letter? I am assuming that as it (being a sponsored student) is not written on my visa, perhaps I can be eligible to apply without a letter.

My question would be is there any alternative option to overcome this problem? Can anyone give me tips on this issue?
Is there anyone who has been in as the same situation as described above?


I’m also interested in any responses to this question. I am also sponsored by the UK government and I am considering switching to Tier 2. However, I think the sponsor letter might be an obstacle. I wonder if any international students that have gone through this phase before can assist with helpful information?