SWIP Telephone Interview

Lloyds Banking Group


Have a telephone interview with SWIP (asset management firm in Lloyds Banking Group).

Not really sure what to expect, wondering if anyone else has had one (position is Investment Grad Scheme)?

The person I have been in contact with at SWIP said it wasnt a competency based interview, mainly career motivation style questions.

Anyone know anything would appreciate the help.



I would personally imagine it’s similar to the Lloyds telephone interview, so search that for an idea. I’ve had the Lloyds one and they focus a lot on your knowledge of the company and industry (competitors, challenges, advantages over competitors etc.)


Thanks, that sounds about right. It matches their questions from the online application.

The good thing is I’ve been told the interview will only be 15-20 minutes!


Well the Lloyds one was about 45, so maybe they’ve just left out all the competency stuff. I’d prepare it just in case anyway


I have other competency based interviews a few days after, so I’ll be prepared enough. I did ask however, and was told there wouldnt be any competency questions, but you’re right you never know!


I’ve just noticed the interview is with an external recruiter, called Randstad. If anyone has interviewed with Randstad before please chime in!


Hi qwerty,

I had this telephone interview some time back. There was a few competency q’s, but not that many because, as you said, the interview only lasts about 25mins.

The only question that I remember for sure that they asked was: why SWIP?

I must have done something right though becasue I passed the interview and now have a F-T-F interview coming up. So if anyone has any experience of the F-T-F SWIP interview, I’d appreciate it if you could share.


Thanks a lot Isaac. Good luck with your upcoming interview with them. There doesnt seem to be too much on SWIP grad scheme online. You could even email the recruiter and ask if it will be a competency based interview, or just be prepared for anything!


qwerty, i also have the telephone interview for swip on Monday. Have you had yours yet? Which office are you applying for? I was given advice that most of the big companies do ask competency based questions so really not sure about this one! Going to have to prepare for both to be safe.


Hi brodie,

The grad scheme for SWIP is only available in Edinburgh as far as I understand. If by office you mean which division I applied to, it was the fixed income division.

I had it today. It was very short and relaxed. They do a short phone interview, then you have a face to face interview with HR, then the assessment centre.

The questions were general questions about my education, why SWIP, why AM, etc. No real competency questions in this one, however the next stage will be in that format.


Hi qwerty

Just wondering if you’ve had your face to face interview yet? I’ve got mine first thing tomorrow and just looking for any last minute tips on what to expect. I know it’s competency based and have prepared some answers but if anyone has any more detailed info it would be much appreciated!


Also looking for tips, mine is tomorrow also!

I assume it will be a straight forward competency based interview. Hopefully someone will speak up with regards to the face to face interviews.


Oh well, good luck with tomorrow, fingers crossed it all goes well for us!


How did the face to face interviews go?

Had my telephone one yesterday and got the face to face early next week.

Just competency questions, anything specific?



Wondering if anyone has heard back from SWIP yet, good or bad, about the results of second round interviews, im still waiting for a reply and its been over a week now! That said SWIP have been the best out of all the firms i have applied for, with regards to quick commuincation and updates, fingers crossed for good news!


My interviewer said we’d receive formal feedback on the 2nd of December so fingers crossed we hear back tomorrow!


Had mine yesterday, was told I would be hearing back within the week so fingers crossed.


Has anyone heard anything back from them today?
I had my interview last week as well and still nothing.
Lets hope we get a call tomorrow.


Same here.


I think they tried to ring today, but i was driving and didn’t see the call until later. I might give them a call tomorrow if they don’t try and contact again.