Swapping Sectors After Internship


I have recently received an offer from EY for an internship in the FS Tax sector of the firm. Now obviously I am extremely pleased with this and the experience will be invaluable to my CV, but I am pretty sure this is not the area of the firm I will want to go into for a graduate job. I am more interested in the Advisory part of the firm, but internships were not available for this part of the company when I was applying. (This is quite common as it is a smaller part of the firm and does not have as many vacancies)

My question is: does anyone know whether I would be able to be interviewed at the end of the internship for a graduate role in Advisory, instead of Tax. This is obviously depending on whether I perform well on the internship in general and they like me enough to keep me on at all. I have heard that firms will want to keep people they like and would rather they move internally rather than to another firm, but possibly not for internships as much.

I have the necessary minimum UCAS point etc so that’s not a problem. I am just looking for anyone who may have seen this done before/knows anything about this at all.

Thanks in advance


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Does anyone know anything about this? Any advice would be appreciated