Suspicious Job Offer



Hi everyone,
Was looking for a job and got some very generous job offer from comany “Serbskaya Svaya”. Even Google doesn’t know these guys, has anyone met them? Should i be worried?


Worked for them for few years - serbian building company,works usually in Europe, works a lot with military projects. Management got a thing on safety regulations - fines and dismissals is a common thing there, not all the workers understand that safety is not only a word and reason to be shout at. However, salary is pretty good out there and, as i understood, their customers happy about them.


Surprisingly, i’m not the only one who worked for them. Agree with almost everything from above - strict safety rules, military objects to work on, old school management who fires without a doubt for not following safety regulation - that’s all about these guys. But salary is always good and always on time, they do value diligent and loyal employees. If you feel like you can handle it - give it a try, a decent variant for nowadays near crisis situation.


Did a little research with help of friend of mine - in Eastern Europe when you work on military projects you have to follow strict and even strange policies of not showing yourself in digital space (when you ever encounter russian or other military from there you will understand).ng. If you don’t feel like you can handle this - do not recommend you trying it, but if strong enough and like having good money for your job, give it a shot.


No. The name doesn’t give the impression of a company.