Survey for paid work experience


hi guys,

We all know how hard it is to land that dream job. i’ve been thru numerous interviews, online tests and assessment centres after i graduated last year. yet, i’m not successful. i still think where there’s a will there must be a way. Could it be possible that we pay them for graduate work experience, not vice versa? it’d be good for employers in these hard finacial times if they need but cannot afford to hire more staff. it’d be good for those of us who are set on a career as an actuary and cant get in otherwise. In addition, paying for graduate work experience could be the only option for international students who can not stay to work in the UK.

So, I am doing a survey to find out if paying for your graduate work experience is something you’d consider. Most importantly, how much you can afford to pay for it. There are only 5 questions. If i get enough responses, i’ll send the results to insurance companies. Perhaps, this will lead to more work experience opportunities.

anyway, I promise to keep you updated!


the link to the survey:


I’m sure some would be willing to pay for their work experience, however this would be a very slippery slope if it ever came to this.

I do not agree with it, and I wouldn’t want to. If they do not want to pay for work experience, then employers would say so. However, they must offer, at the very least, lunch and travel expenses.