Sungard Graduate Program Interviews


Has anyone done the 1st round interviews?

all I know so far is that they will be competency based if anyone has any more information they wouldnt mind sharing it would be appreciated


@agordon - haven been invited to the interview??? if so when? - from what I know, the interviews are SunGard are completely competency based. nothing technical at all!


I have been invited to interview within the next week.

You say they wont ask technical questions, but then what kinda of stuff do they talk to you about to get competency???

Where did you learn this from?


Competency based are examples of situations you’ve been on based on different skills like teamwork, comms, leaderships etc. Just the normal. When is your interview?


the 27th.

thanks for the tip! I did a little more research after I posted here. Couldnt find anything specific about sungard but turned up alot about competency based interviews. Basically a get to know you kinda thing I guess.


yeah… when I had my interview with Sungard last year, I had three comptency based interviews back-to-back. each were 1hr long! they didnt even ask why SunGard! they just asked questions about me… leadership, teamwork,…etc.etc…




I attended Sunguard Interview on 27Oct. I havent heard from them after that. Did any one, who attended interview, hear from them?


they called me on 30th for final round


Apart from finding their website I have no handle on how Sungard place as a company to work for. Are they well-known? Do they have a good reputation for business? for their graduate scheme and training? I haven’t been able to find much about them at all which could give me a vibe.
I’d appreciate any input!


Anybody done the online test? Was it numerical and verbal?

also, anybody know what their start dates are??



Just did the online test yday… How long before they get back to you about passing or failing it??



Hi agordon sunnymet,
I am going to take my online tests from SunGard.
What’s does SunGard 1st round interview about? what kinds of comptency based questions did they ask? I can’t find any info from their website…

To wooow, how about the final round then? Hope good news for u.

thanks to all in advanced.


I had my final round assessment centre with Sungard last week and it was kinda relaxed compared to the RBS AC I went for. The format is exactly as stated on their website: 3 competency-based questions, a case study (You have about 90 mins for this) , a 10-minute presentation on the case study and a group exercise based on the case study material.

The interviewers were all friendly and I thought it went well though I haven’t heard from them.

If anyone needs more information, I’ll try to recall the exact questions.


Dexymine, how many round of interviews have you had with Sungard? How long was the gap between the interviews? Care to share?

I would love to know the questions that you were asked especially on the case study.


Had two interviews. A month between the two.The were both general competency-based interviews.

Tell me about a time:

1.When you showed initiative
2.When you worked in a team
3.When you set goals
4.When you displayed ethical considerations and fairness (that one threw me off)

Pretty straightforward questions, really.

The Case Study was on a hypothetical company and we had to read through it and do a short presentation on it which lasted for ten minutes. The case study was 5 pages, easy to understand and we had to identify the risks associated with the business.


Cheers! When did you know that you passed the first interview? How long did they took to inform you that you have passed the first one?


It was about a week or so.


I wonder the point of having you to attend 2 interviews if they are similar to each other. Seems like pointless to me


The interviews at the AC are done by much more senior people- I guess that’s the catch. They probably want to be sure they’re making the right decision.