Summers Internship abroad..HELP WANTED!!!!!!


I am the bit late in this forum…but still never mind about the delay… currently … in 1st year MBA(Finance) in Bangalore(India). with quality of work experience of around 4months …with Engineering background…so looking for summers(April 2009) with the likes of i- banking and private equity firms abroad…for better international experience and exposure …so,.can any1 help me with how to proceed with the application…the deadlines and the most important whether these companies entertain foreign students for summers internship…???



I am in a similar position to you, from what I have been told, foreign students are eligible for these internships. The only problem at the moment is that there will be so many people chasing these jobs and much fewer places due to the ‘crisis’. Also, all the Lehman employees will be looking for new jobs as well. Despite this, if you have good qualifications and are well suited to the job, they will probably consider you.

Think of the firms you want to apply to and google them. Check out the careers section on their websites for positions and deadlines.

Has anyone had any luck so far with their applications?


yeah…i do agree with u,taking into consideration whats happening in wall street, every company of my interest is either in the grip of getting nationalized or filing bankruptcy and every I bank in wall street or Manhattan is just too occupied to somehow survive rather than thinking about new talent…so keeping our fingers crossed lets c how things unfold in few more days,then only a clear picture will emerge and then only we can predict for our summers.

So,has anyway one got any positive response for summers?


Sigma, it may be difficult to get an internship in London, but not impossible.
Apart from usual difficulties of getting a job, your challenge will be to persuade your recruiter that logistical issues can be smoothly dealt with.



I was doing some further research, from what I have been told by recruiters, getting visas now is difficult - especially in places like America so if you have a branch office in your country then apply there.