Summer Internship Accomodation, London 2012


Hi, I will be doing an internship this Summer with Citigroup in Canary Wharf. If anyone is in a similar position and is looking for someone to share accomodation with, please get in touch. I did an internship with Citi last Summer, so I know the area fairly well.


Hey!! i am also doing a summer at Citi and currently living in London but I will leave my current place and will have to take a new accomodation come summer.

I would be interested in sharing an accomodation for the summer but given its the olympics this year, finding a reasonably priced short term let is going to be tough. I have tentatively reserved a room in a student residence but if i find something better, i can cancel that booking.

Which area are you looking to live at?




I’ll do an internship at Chartis/AIG this summer, so I’m interested in sharing accommodation. My internship will take place on Fenchurch Street, at City of London, so it’s not far from Canary Wharf.