Succesful Applicants to Deloitte Consulting


Hey everyone,

I received an offer for Human Capital, London. Thought it would be useful to find out who else was successful?

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Mitchy, I’ll be joining in Operations. Was torn between that and Human Capital, hopefully I made the right call. Do you have any idea on the start date for the September intake?


I believe that the first day is on 15th August. When did you hear about your offer? Where you from? You still at uni?


August?!?! Good job I asked, that’s over a month earlier than I assumed it would be. Will email them on Monday to check as that’s going to majorly ruin my travel plans.

Got my offer in December, graduated last year. How about yourself?


Hi friends,

I have an interview for TI consulting.

Can any one please tell me about issues that are affecting deloitte currently?

Many thanks in advance


The problems in Japan will be affecting Deloitte as would the work they will be doing Libya.

Education rises…

KPMG offering 100 students to go through University and a three placement after

Cuts in the public sector…

The list goes on and on…


Hey are we really starting in August 2011?

P.S I am joining TI, London


Hey all,

I’ll be joining Human Capital this summer.

Looking forward to meeting you all



I have created a facebook group, I am arranging a drink for all the Human Capital starters so that we can get to know each other before we start.

The group name is called ; Deloitte - Human Capital 2011 Intake