Studying for a Master abroad


The cost of studying in the UK has led, and is leading, many students to consider looking to study in America and European
Union countries. It may not always be a cheaper option but if the costs are less than or equivalent to those in the UK it easy to understand the attraction, but I would appreciate forum members thoughts in studying for a Masters degree abroad, particularly in the are of finance and law. In another posting I am aware that the area of International Law has been discussed and the merits of it substantiated.
I have been researching this area on the Internet as one son is thinking of looking overseas and I note that the schools in France and Spain seem to dominate the top 10 places in the ratings with only the LBS featuring from the UK. This raises the questions as to why this should be so, Is the intensity of study greater, is it that the teaching is of a higher quality, is the way the course is built more conducive to a higher degree qualification or is it that the overall package is just of a better standard.
Whatever it is that creates a higher rating for the degrees I would appreciate input from people with personal knowledge. To be honest I have always felt that the UK was well blessed with Business Schools of high quality but I must be known.


I too have some interest in this area as with the ever developing global economies and the cross border trade the need to broaden one’s academic approach is I suggest vital.
The MBA’s that are on offer in many of the EU countries as well as in USA and Canada seem to have a much more international focus and I think this may be one of the reasons why they are better rated. Also the broad mix of teaching staff recognises a multi-cultural approach. I also from research seem to acquire the feeling that the intensity of study is very fierce which I suggest drives the degree better.
As we all know business in each country has its own peculiarities and whilst there are many similarities there is a need to be aware of how to conduct business in each country. Taxation, HR, H & S and accounting practices all differ and I believe these issues are better covered outside of the UK.
Of course linguistically there will be challenges but this will add to the value of your MBA.
Cost also seems to be lower and this in today’s world is a factor. I would also ask if the non-UK MBA will serve one better in terms of future employment.