Struggling with PwC tests


So, I managed to get my application in for the 2014 Summer Internship on 03/01 (two days before the deadline) - late, I know, but I had my reasons. Anyway, I’ve been asked to do the standard numerical, logic and personality tests but I’m really struggling with them. When I did the free practise questions on SHL, I did terrible on the numerical but proficient in the logic. I’ve been doing logic a long time so I focused on numerical. I bought the 7.99 numerical pack on AssessmentDay and used that to practise. I had my first attempt last night and I felt the numerical went really bad but logic went okay - according to the results though, I did just under par on numerical and terrible on logic even though I’m sure I was right.

Nevertheless, I still have my second attempt but I’ve only got one more day. I tried a couple of tests untimed and I can do them, its just with the strict time limit and me trying to conjure up knowledge from years ago, its difficult. I haven’t done any real hard statistical analysis in almost 2 years which is probably why I’m struggling though I know with a bit more time, I could pull it off.

So, what do you think? Too little, too late and I should just forget about PwC? Or is there some way I can at least try and scrape by? I know I can do it. It’s just hard in my time frame.