Strategy Consulting



My aim is to move to a strategy consulting firm. Currently I’m doing an IT Consulting role. Thus my plan is:

  1. Leave the grad scheme as a senior consultant
  2. Move to IT Strategy
  3. Move to business strategy

Does this sound like a good, if loose, plan - anyone with experience?
Ideally one of the Ms n’ Bs firms…

Also, what is the grad salary at McKinsey like and what can you expect as a salary if you join straight after a grad scheme?




i am posting this to ask a question to u not to answer ur question. I am MBA student with past experience in software dev with accenture and now i am doing my internship with jpmorgan i wanted some advice regarding my mba project research dissertation. I want to stay in IT consulting and technology after finishing my mba if u can suggest me some topic regarding the same then that would be great help.

Arpit Sharda