Steria- Phone Interview


Dear All,

Can anyone help me? I have a phone interview with Steria on Monday and would like to know what sort of questions they ask?

Please post as many comments as you can.

Thank you all



I’ve got one coming up soon as well as it happens, let me know how it goes TOMI :slight_smile:


how did your interviews


Telephone was just the usual competency interview. Anyone get the assessment center?


Hi everyone, I got a call from Steria three weeks after the assessment centre that they have made me an offer and that I should get the contract paperworks in a week. However; it has been two weeks now I have not received them. Has anyone been offered and waiting the contract (2010)? is it normal to wait that long?. By the way the AC was just group work, face to face interiew (just to confirm what you said on the phone really, same competency questions) and finally we had individual presentations.

Many thanks