Statisticians fast stream assessment centre


Has anyone been to a statisticians fast stream assessment centre?

Any information about the interview or tests will be greatly appreciated!


I did this. There is a written paper (there might even be two, can’t remember!). Some of the questions on that are Key Stage 3 standard. The most complicated things on it are confidence intervals and issues about the reliability of data. It’s good to think in terms of demography: you might get asked how to ensure that all groups of society are surveyed evenly so that all views are represented. I was asked about the word “prevalence”: they meant how frequently a certain sort of respondent occurs in a survey.

I recall being asking a few questions about when data are unreliable: one of them was a case when your family/community might be united behind a viewpoint and no one dares question it. For example, most of the coal miners in 1984 said that they supported a long strike, but then they all voted for redundancy in the years afterwards when their votes were secret.

There is a short presentation. I recall that you get a long time to prepare for it and then it doesn’t last very long. You’ll be given some fairly simple data: pie charts, tables, etc. You’ll be asked to talk about trends over time. I’d advise you to use the preparation time to read all the small print and look for ways of tricking you. For example, the percentage of people buying a house might have fallen over time, but the absolute number of owner-occupied houses might have risen owing to an increase in population or more people living on their own.

I think that’s it: just written test, interview, presentation. I have also done the GES Assessment Centre, and I think that the GSS one is much easier.



I’ve got one of these coming up, any advice from anyone who has been would be greatly appreciated, such as what statistical methods should be learnt and what kind of questions they ask you on the methods, are they very technical questions?