Starting PwC September, I need studying and exemption advice!

The Graduate


I am due to start the graduate scheme with PwC in September in Aussurance. I graduated 3 years ago and am a little anxious about studying and sitting exams again. I thought I could start training my brain by spending some time over the Summer doing some reading for the first three exams F1, F2, F3. I have found the syllabuses and I am looking into text books and have noticed that the BPP and Kaplan bring out new copies regularly, they also say on the covers what exams they are relevant to, do you think I am best waiting for the ones that cover the December 2010 exams - the June 2010 ones are out already and I was not sure if these would not be apprporiate. Or does the material not change that much for the knowledge level papers?

Also, I have found I should be exempt from F1 and F3 based upon modules I studied at university, can anyone advise on whether PwC allow exemptions and what practice they apply - do they make you go to classes and sit the exams anyway? Also, would it be worth my while to do these anyway to refresh my knowledge.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!


Are F1, F2 and F3 Knowledge papers for the ICAEW exams? i.e. the e-assessment exams? Yes, PwC students can apply for exemptions. Those with exemptions don’t go to classes or sit the exams. They’ll sort all that out when you join.

If you haven’t studied for a while it may be good to take all the e-assessmenst as most of these exams are the foundation for the next level, the application modules.

Best thing is to ring Kaplan to ask for advice on getting started with some study and what they think about taking up any exemptions you may get.
However, PwC/Kaplan will send you pre joining reading to do before you start in September. Ask about that too.


F1, F2, F3 = ACCA not ICAEW