Starting ACA training salary, small firm


Could anyone give me an idea of what kind of salary I could expect from a small accountancy firm (i.e. <100 employees) outside London when starting a standard ACA graduate training contract?

Thanks :slight_smile:


What firm is it and where, i would be expecting around £20k myself


It’s Ryecroft Glenton in Newcastle, around 80 employees I think. I’m not too bothered about salary to be honest, I’m just wondering what I should expect from similar firms.


I’d say it was closer to the 18k mark than 20.



Cheers, that’s about what I was expecting.


17k I remember I saw an advert for a top 20 accountancy firm in nottingham and it was 17k


It will prob be 16k. I have been offered a job with a small firm in Manchester (Trevor Jones) and that is the starting salary … 20k is wayyy off the mark. Deloitte in Manchester only pay 20k and they are Big 4.

Hope that helps


Yeah I know I’m digging up an old thread here, but it’s my thread so I don’t really care.

I ended up getting an ACA contract with an even smaller firm (<50 employees) in the North East, and was pleasantly surprised to be offered a starting salary of £20,000, increasing by about 10% per year for the duration of the training.


I’m based in trowbridge and looking to start ACA training with some accountancy firm. I have a couple of questions…I would appreciate if you can reply as you have the full experience of the career path I intend to choose.
Is there any age limit for starting your ACA training? I’m 29 years old female and have an MBa degree in HR from university outside UK. I got this degree in 2007 and now it’s been 5 years. But I would to now qualify as an ACA…will my age and the Gap of all those years make a difference?
What is the criteria of the accounting firms? What do they look in you while hiring you? I’m not talking about the top firms like Ernst and young here…! Just a small accountancy firm in town!
Does it make a difference in your career that where have u done your ACA training from?
I hope you’ll reply soon! I really need to know what to do and if this ACA career is really rewarding!
Many thanx