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Just been invited for a telephone interview for Standard Life and their accountancy graduate programme, I know of the most obvious questions they could ask me (why Standard Life, why accountancy? etc.) but I’m struggling to find their competencies so can’t develop any answers based around that. Does anyone know of their competencies or has had a telephone interview with them before and is willing to give some tips?

All replies much appreciated!



Have you checked this thread out? I think it would help you :slight_smile:


Hey anon_2120, have you finished your telephone interview with Standard Life? Could you please share your experience with me? I am going to do it on 4th Nov. Many thanks!!!


Hi Wikiboy, many thanks for the link it’s extremely helpful!


Hey Connie Chan, I’ve had to rearrange mine for Friday now. How are you thinking of preparing for it? I was going to research the company indepth as well as create some responses to question which may come up.


hi there! could you share with me your experience on the telephone interview with Standard Life? i will be having mine tomorrow. would appreciate any form of advice! cheers!


Hi! Can you share some information about the telephone interview? Many thanks!


Can anyone share their Standard Life telephone interview experience? Also did you guys apply through Sanctuary?

Thank you very much



It would be great if you can possibly share your telephone interview experience with us.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi I had mine on Monday and have just posted above all the questions I was asked. Hope that helps x


Hi! I just had my telephone interview on Monday (16/11/15). The woman who phoned was really lovely. She started by just confirming a few details and asking where else I had applied to (and what stage of that application I was at). The interviewer then explained that I would be asked a few questions about career motivation and then some competency based questions. The questions I was asked were

  1. Why standard life, what do you know about standard life and why standard life over any other company?
  2. Why the accountancy programme?
  3. An example of a time you have influenced a team?
  4. An example of a time you have undertaken a new challenge
  5. An example of a time you have implemented a new idea/a significant change.

The whole interview lasted just over 20 minutes and I was given the chance to ask any questions at the end. I was also asked to use different examples than I had used in the application. The interviewer also told me no news is good news in regards to waiting to hear how it went and if I’d be invited to an assessment centre xx


I had mine over 2 weeks ago now and still haven’t heard anything back yet. Not sure what to make of it xx


Ah really? Last thing she said to me was that no news is good news and if you don’t hear anything it’s because you’ll be on a shortlist for the assessment centre that could be any time between November and January so sounds like it’s a good thing that you haven’t heard anything :slight_smile: x


MJ16, thank you very much. That was extremely useful :slight_smile:


Hope so, fingers crossed I guess! I’m quite curious to know how many accountancy graduates they take on.


Hi MJ16, thanks for your sharing. Have you been invited to AC? I will have my interview on next Monday. Are they even asked you to provide different content for motivational questions?Or you are only asked to provide different examples for competency-based questions?Thanks!


Hi anon_2120, have you been invited to AC? I will have my interview on next Monday. Have you been ask some different questions compared to MJ16? Thanks for your help!


Haven’t been told the outcome of my telephone interview yet no! Has anyone else been invited to an AC?


Hi guys I received an email from them two days ago asking me to submit my cover letter as they would like to shortlist me. However I recall that the interviewer said there will be a face-to-face interview before the AC. I applied for Equity Investment graduate


How lond does SLI to respond after Gallup web interview? I did mine back in mid December I believe and haven’t heard yet. Has anyone been to any AC?