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Hi all,

I have one of these coming up in ten days - anyone had experience on this? I am understanding ‘Criterion based’ to be basically a comptency interview - please correct me if I am wrong.

I have applied for Distribution and Client Services (Edinburgh).



How did it go?

I have an interview on Wed morning for the accounts programme


Hi chris0288,

how did your interview go and when did you send in your application?

i have heard nothing for about 3 weeks, i hope i was not too late sending in those applications!


Hello All,

I have an AC for the Information Systems graduate scheme this week. Apart from the group activities there would be an interview lasting about 90min. Any advice on how to prepare for this?
The email brief only mentions that it is competency based.

Any help will be much appreciated!



Hi, I have a telephone interview this week for the Information Systems graduate scheme. Anyone with useful information as regards what sort of questions to be expected?



Hi Hopes,

how did the AC go? Any job offer yet from standard life? I am through to the final stage (AC) next week, and wondering if you can shed some light on what to expect?



I had an interview with them last week for Investment Management Trainee

I messed up the whole thing as i thought it was gonna be a Gallup interview, but it turned out to be a competency based interview lol