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I’ve recently been invited to an interview for an Equities graduate trainee position at Standard Life Investments in Edinburgh. Has anyone been through the process before? If so, could you shed some light on what the interview process is like and what sort of questions I might expect? Any information you can provide would be really helpful.
Thank you!


I haven’t personally been through a standard life assessment centre but my flatmate has.

It involved an interview about your personal skills/competencies/abilities. A group puzzle task and a task to complete on your own.

I’m looking to apply to a similar position in the next intake, just so I know where I stand, how were your A level results and what standard of university do you go to?


Awesome - any info about the round of interviews before the AC? Hopefully I make it there!
In regards to your question, I’m actually an American student at a university ranked around 70th nationally, though I studied for one term at Edinburgh last fall. As part of the application to SLI I was required to list standardized test scores, and I calculated my UCAS-equivalent points at 415 (not sure how that compares to students in the UK), having taken several AP tests. Honestly I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, I’m not really sure what the calibre of students I’m up against is but I imagine it’s quite competitive


Sorry I completely misread your initial post. I’ve actually just had the Skype interview stage of my application for an operations position at SLI, I assume it will be a similar structure for equities.

The initial questions were regarding your reasons for wanting to work for them, what you knew about the company and why you wanted to do that job. Next were skills and competencies based questions drawing from relevant experiences. For this I’d made a list of all my experiences, (internships, involvement in university societies, previous jobs) and drawn out the skills I’d picked up from them. I was asked when I’d led to make a difference, when I’ve have to work in a team, If I’d had to deal with a difficult colleague and how it was resolved etc
Afterwards I was given the chance to ask the interviewers questions.

Hooe this helps and best of luck


That was very helpful, thank you! Good luck with the process, maybe we’ll be co-workers next fall