Standard Life Insurance

Standard Life

Hi all, do anyone have any experience with the selection process with Standard Life?

I am having a Gallup phone interview soon after completing the online tests. Can anyone share your experience?


Did you have the interview? How did it go?


Hey Runs1215,

Could you please tell me what kind of questions were asked in the online tests? I have to give these tests as well and I am very worried about the numerical aspect.



Hi Richa,

Are you asked to do Standard Life online test?

I have not got any information from them, I just wonder whether my application has been ignored.


Hey Jancelyn,

Yes, I have been asked to do their online test. When did you submit your application? Because they took around 20 days to revert in my case. If it prolongs, then maybe you should call or mail them.

All the best!


Hey Richa,


I submitted my application nearly one month until now. I believe I will mail them to ask more information.

By the way, do you apply actuarial role?

About the online test u mentioned, you should not worry about that. if it standard SHL test, try to do more practice online (SHL website and some banks’ recruitment website). If you have problem, just PM or leave msg.

Good luck!


right…anyone applied to investment operations or investment management?


Hello All,

I have an AC for the Information Systems graduate scheme this week. Apart from the group activities there would be an interview lasting about 90min. Any advice on how to prepare for this? The email brief only mentions that it is competency based.

Any help will be much appreciated!