Standard life graduate programme 2014

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Hi all,

I have a telephone interview next week for the above graduate scheme. Can anyone help with the kind of questions to expect?



Has anyone been to their assessment centres this year?


Hi, Im schedule in for the assessment centre this year and was looking for advice on what happens in it ?


Have you applied for SLI or SL? I ended up with a front office role at SLI and the recruitment process differs.


hey, for SLI, did you get interviewed by Sanctuary? mind telling us what was the next stage and possibly details of the assessment centre, like excel test etc? thanks


For the front office investments role: It’s a telephone interview with Sanctuary (after they short list your cv), then a first round interview with 2 people from the team you have applied to, then a Gallup telephone interview (which gauges your personality and motivations). If you fit their team “type”, you get called to an assessment centre in Edinburgh. In the assessment centre there were 2 interviews with 2 members of the team each time, 1 HR interview (similar to Gallup), 1 individual exercise to read their investment pitch and pose 5 questions for the team, and a group exercise with 2 others to study 2 companies and their securities and decide which one to invest in. Eventually, they short list and keep only 2-3 candidates and there is a final round interview with the Heads of the team while the other candidates are sent back. I found out 2 business days later.


Thank you so much! The one I have applied to is an internship, would it be the same procedure as grad scheme? Also, I thought there would be an excel test?
Anyway, thanks so much! How you finding SLI so far?( assuming you accepted your offer)?


Not sure about that, sorry. What kind of role have you applied for? It’s a great company, really prestigious in Edinburgh, and my team is very international and experienced. I even get to work in the Gherkin (our London office, top floors!) regularly.


Fixed interest. they said it’ll be focused on creating new models for systems and I’ll need advanced excel skills hence why I was asking if an excel test will be in place.


You’re applying for my team’s desk support :slight_smile:


Hi All.

I have an interview with SLI for the investment risk trainee along with an excel test.

Can you please give me advice on the interview and test please.


is it in Edinburgh or a telephone interview and an online excel test?


Its interesting how you got a role within the fixed interest team, even though on the website for grad opportunities they only have roles for equities and real estate. What do you think is the hardest part of your job and what skills do you think separate a good trainee and a great trainee?


Its in Edinburgh. Its an competency interview then an excel test. I previously had an online interview with sanctuary graduates and I did the online gallup test.


Looks like the recruiting process for grad schemes and internships are different. Did they tell you anything about the excel test? like, is it VBA related, 2010 or 2007…? anyway, hope you get to the end! I might need your advice if I have to go through the same thing!


They might be different. I was told I was having an excel test and that was it.


I joined last year, my guess is that we are not hiring this year in FI because our team recently acquired new employees and business from Ignis. Interesting that equities is hiring, I wasn’t aware.


Has your work changed much since acquiring Ignis?


Not mine


Where do you see yourself and SLI in the foreseeable future?