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Hi guys

Has anyone been to Standard Life Assessement centre? I cannot find any information on this forum

Could you please shed some light on the activities and different things happened on the day.

Thank you very much for your help!!!


Would love to see some as well, please share a link. Can’t find somethng relavant.


Did you ever find out anything regarding this soldier? I have an AC with Standard Life soon and I am not sure what to expect :frowning:


Hi , just had an assessment centre with standard life and I want to share my experience with you guys.

First of all, I would advise you to book your train ticket until you receive the hotel confirmation because i booked my train ticket to Edinburgh Waverley but my hotel was in Haymarket which wasn’t a big deal but it caused some inconvenience.

The people from standard life were very friendly and the atmosphere there was quite relaxing. My assessment centre lasted for two days. The first day was more of an introductory presentation and a networking event where their staff took us out for a meal. Nothing special on the first day, it was quite useful because you can ask more information about the program and the process of selection. In addition to the presentation, it would be a good idea to pay attention to the presentation as you might be able to use some information from it for your interview.

The second day was more in tense. Firstly, I had an interview that lasted for an hour. They didn’t ask any tricky questions. Majority of the questions were competency questions and they would ask for situation and decision you made that made a certain event successful. Nothing unusual but try to do some research about the company (culture, what makes it better than its competitor etc). Demonstrate that you know what you are doing and what you prepared for this particular program.

After that I had a case study and 2 group exercises. Don’t worry too much about it. The case study I got was some business problem but it doesn’t require a business major to solve it. I am studying actuarial science and my course has nothing to do with business :confused: Using the information they give you will be able to come up with a solution. The first group exercise was like a little puzzle, it was something fun so just relax and be yourself. The second one is some business problem. But again it wasn’t anything difficult.

If you had any problem, inbox me :slight_smile:



Did you apply through standard life or through an agency ?