Standard Life Application Process

Standard Life

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge about the application process at Standard Life. I’m mainly concerned about what kind of interview they use and what it typically entails. thanks.


what position did you apply to chaudha? and how did you find the process…


Hello All,

I have an AC for the Information Systems graduate scheme this week. Apart from the group activities there would be an interview lasting about 90min. Any advice on how to prepare for this? The email brief only mentions that it is competency based.

Any help will be much appreciated!



Hello All,
I’m applying for pwc. audit. There is question “Please explain why you have selected this business area as your first preference” and they ask about second, third preferences. Does it really matter? or it’s better to stick to one particular field?
thanks for any advice!


Hi, I realise your post was some time ago but I have an assessment centre coming up for Accounts and just wondered how you had found your day?


Good People,
I’ve just had my telephone interview for Stand Life (Graduate Accountancy)
The questions I got asked were:-

  1. Why do you want to work for Standard Life?
  2. Why audit?
  3. Why do you want to work for Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms?
  4. How have I influenced a team?
  5. Give an example of a new challenge that you’ve undertaken.
  6. Given an example of an original idea you’ve bought to a team.

It was about 25 mins. And I was told to give different examples than the ones I had on my application.

If anyone needs anymore help just let me know.


hello Mancman2011 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post. I am currently starting the application process and I was wondering what kind of tests does Standard Life use? Are they SHL or PSL? are they hard? Thanks :slight_smile:


100% SHL. If you can pass the PWC tests you should be able to do this. There exactly the same, the only difference is that you answer more questions.

I didnt get through the telephone interview… i rang them up and got feed back. So I can tell you point by point what to say on the telephone interview once you get past this initial test stage.

Good Luck my friend


Hi mancman2011.

I have my telephone interview for Standard Life on Monday and was wondering what tips you could give me. The list of questions you have given has been extremely useful - so thank you!!


I’ve been messaged by a couple of people regarding my feedback so I’m just going to post it on here.

Firstly make sure you’ve properly researched the company and the role. I’ve never applied Standard Life before and I’ve never had a telephone interview before so I made a few elementary mistakes.

  1. Why do you want to work for Standard Life?
    My mistake here was that I said I’m attracted to working with the variety of different clients at Standard Life. This was completely the wrong thing to say. If you look on the website for the accountancy program you’ll see it’s a TOPPS program (Training Outwith Public Practice). Basically I was told this means that I won’t be going round visiting clients, I’ll be dealing with accounts within Standard Life.
    So please don’t make the same mistake I made here!!!

  2. Why audit?
    I was told this was good. Just spoke about how I enjoyed my internship at an accountancy firm.

  3. Why do you want to work for Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms?
    I was told this was good too. Just spoke about how I’m attracted to the close knit atmosphere offered at Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms.

  4. How have I influenced a team?
    I was told my answer here was ok.

  5. Give an example of a new challenge that you’ve undertaken.
    I was told I made a little mistake in my answer here. Basically I was speaking about how I did a work placement as a researcher for the WTO. And explained how I was incharge in a group presentation and I was telling people what to do. My criticism here was that it sounded like I was too authoritarian and dominant. I should have said in my interview that I made sure the people in my group were happy to follow my orders, which they were!!!
    Again try not to make this mistake if your using an example of this nature.

  6. Given an example of an original idea you’ve bought to a team.
    This was ok aswell.

So it was just a few elementary mistakes here and there. Hopefully you guys can prosper where I failed and exact revenge for the mancman!!! Haha
Let me know if anyone needs anymore help.


Yes mate. I got asked them questions only however keep in mind yours can still be a litlle different.

Good Luck!!!


Hi everyone,

Just posting here to ask something about their process. I had my phone interview in early November, and the questions was as what mancman2011 said.

Anyone know how long does it take for them to get back to you after the phone interview (email or letter)? I still havent heard back from them since

Many thanks!!


Just reading your comments and you strike me as a pretty sharp and witty individual.
thanks for your very helpful posts and i hope you are sucessful in your future applications (thats if you have not already bagged an ace job somewhere)


Has anyone had a telephone interview with standard life this year?

What kind of questions you was asked? I am going to share mine once I had my interview.

Thanks in advance


Hi guys, thanks so much for your contributions so far cos they’ve helped me reach the AC stage. I was just wondering if anyone would be kind to share their AC experiences with me. Thanks!!!


Hi Hope, so how did your Assessment Centre go? Would you be kind as to share your experiences with me, as I’ve got an AC coming up in a few days. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Chuksonthenet, At the risk of deja vu, I have an assessment centre next week and was hoping that you could provide some insight on your experience.

Anything at all would be a huge help. Thanks


Is it only a numerical test? Or are there critical reasoning and verbal tests too?


hi…i had a telephone interview in the final week of november…have not heard back from them…anybody who got interviewed during the same time and got the update ?? … kindly let me know…


Hi sravanthi4u

Did you get any reply? Same position here,!I had my telephone interview in November and I still have not heard from them!