Standard Life Account Management Trainee 2012

Standard Life


Is anyone attending the AC in Nottingham on the 6th November?


hi have you had a face-to-face interview already? how was it? I am going to have mine tomorrow.


I never had 1, I was just told that I’m going to the AC, which I thought was slightly odd. Did you apply to the same programme?


Hi rice_ball_89,

Pls have you had your telephone interview? Pls do you mind sharing your phone interview experience? Thanks.


As I said previously, I never had 1, I was waiting for 1 but I just received a call to an AC. Have you all applied to the same programme as me, ‘Account management trainee’ because I do know that Standard life has quite a few programmes open


To prevent any confusion, this is the programme I’m talking about:



I’m going to the one in London on the 9th but I guess they’ll be pretty similar



Did you put London as your 1st choice location?
Mine was changed from Nottingham to Birmingham- which made me more to me because I put Birmingham then London.


No, London was my first choice


ahh, so it seems like each location is recruiting for themselves. cool. I don’t know why but I have a feeling there’ll be quite a few people there, do you know any more about the day other than what’s in the email?


Hi Guys,

I am attending one on 8th November , which is this Thursday in London… could you guys please tell me what includes in the analysis exercise and what is a interview simulation. This is my first AC so I’m very nervous. I will be grateful for any suggestions and tips.



Hi Bhunesh,

How was the AC in London? Which part is the most difficult part you felt? What is the analysis exercise questions about?


Hi Bkrajput,

How did your ac go? Hope it was good? Please could you tell me what it involved and what to expect? I have mine coming up on monday and any feedback at all will be much appreciated.