Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking Graduate Program (Appln Starting Sept-2010)


Hi everyone

I’m a recent finance graduate and thinking of applying to Standard Chartered (SC) Wholesale banking graduate program and thought of sharing and gaining some info on that front.

As per the website of the SC it says we can start applying in sept 2010. wondering any one has any idea of precise date or atleast dates range.

Thanks to all of the previous years forum participants there is valuable info reg the telefonic interview questions and later stage process.

As for the application process, though everyone might be knowing, for those who are interested can visit this link



its quite clear to me…if applications open in september 2010…then i would assume 01/09/2010…i dont know, maybe im stupid


Well i do agree that it may start anytime between 1st and 30th of sept. BTW are you also applying for SC bank, if so do you have any idea of the online tests (i mean which provider SC uses) like SHL or kenexa …


just passed all the tests, they are not too bad, think they are by Kenexa. got to answer three rather tough questions now. good luck.


Hi there dawaei1989,

Could you please help me out with regards to the personality test. I applied to SCB international graduate last year, cleared the numerical test but failed the personality test. What is the key to pass this one? What exactly are they looking for?



Hi, as a wild guess I presume they want the right answers for determination, able to work in a team as well as being an analytical thinker.

so you between 1-5 for all questions 1 = agree 5 =disagree (could be the other way round)

so questions like
do you get on with people easily? 1
is it easy for you to influence others? 1

Do you think about a problems on a bigger picture? 1
you are good with numerate data? 1

you always try to push yourself further? 1

you just have to work on these basis and answer to whatever you think makes a good employee really!!


Got the idea.

Thanks a lot.



Has anyone got a phone interview yet? I have it on 15 November. I would really appreciate if you could share your experience/questions here.



Hi ive got a telephone interview coming up soon too, so would be great if someone can give me a brief idea on what’s going to happen! thanks


Hi i was invited to an telephone interviewin mid Nov, how ever there wasnt a link there for me to book a time slot. have emailed them a few times, but havnt really heard anything back. Anyone else had similar issues?



Please i am a Finance graduate and i have just been inform of the Standard Chartered bank graduate programme.Can anyboby tell me how the Assessment euestions look like cos this will be my first time of doing the Psychometric tests.



Hey everyone,

I am applying to the international graduate program in Dubai. Can anyone give me an idea of what the essays are like ?

Thank you