Standard Chartered - Telephone Interview - International Graduate Programme London



I have been invited for a telephone interview - has anyone heard back regarding an interview yet?





Hope your telephone interveiw went well.
I just got an invitation to telephone interview as well. I applied on 1 Nov.
Would you mind sharing some information? What types of questions did they ask you, how long did it take, have you heard anything back from them since then?

I really appreciate your help.
Wish you good luck as well!



Hi Flower,

I haven’t actually had my telephone interview yet. It is tomorrow. What location have you applied for? Do you know the sorts of things they tend to ask? When is your interview?



Hey Guys,

I have also been invited for a telephone interview. I have it on 15 November. I would really appreciate if you could share the interview experience/questions here.



Hi Banzai:

How is your interview with Standard Chartered?
Did they invite you to the assessment centre? How long it takes them to give you a feedback after telephone interview? I will have my telephone interview on 17th Nov, hopefully you can provide me some inputs :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.

Wish you all the best



Hi guys.

Sorry for the late reply. I was out of the country and only returned today.

How did Everyones interview go? Where have you all applied to and for what programme?

Was anyone invited to the assessment centre? What were people asked during the telephone interview?

Sorry I couldn’t reply to this earlier but hopefully we can all help each other for the assessment centres if we are invited.




Hi everyone,

Im applying for WB in London.
I’ve passed the telephone interview, so awaiting a assessment centre date.

How is everyone else progressing?

Has anyone got a date for the assessment centre yet?




I have a coursemate doing AC this Wednesday…
How is your telephone interview? what sort of questions they asked you? is that really 45 mins or can be shorter?

I applied the UK wholesale banking position as well, telephone will due on 17th,need your input :slight_smile:


Is your coursemates AC for Wholesale Banking? When did they complete the telphone interview?
Telephone interview was around 30-45mins, mainly talking about experiences (both in Uni and personal life)relating to basic competencies. Nothing surprising or unexpected.




Yep, he applied wholesale banking in London.
He probably did his telephone interview 2 weeks back, I assumed…
and it took him around 2 days to receive a feedback.

Btw, thank you for the input.
good luck for the AC.

PS: when you did the telephone interview? Did you settle down the date for AC already?



Can anyone pls mention the questions asked in the telephone interview. It would be such a help!
Thanks and Cheers



You mentioned that your coursemate has his AC tomorrow.

Please can you find out more about it, what the topic of the presentation is, whether the interview is technical and what sorts of questions are asked.



yeah, let’s wait for his AC :slight_smile:
btw, i am doing telephone interview tmr, do you still remember how is it? what sort of questions they asked you?
btw, did the interviewer harsh you?



Ok that’s great - thank you.

It was the standard interview questions: why scb, why banking, why wholesale banking. Example of teamwork, leadership and i got a question about motivations!

Please try find out everything you can about the assessment centre.



hello house. anybody done scb’s assessment yet?
pls keep us informed.


How did your interview go??

Did you manage to find out any info on the assessment centre?



I just finished my telephone interview on Friday. They said they will let me know the results next week. My questions seem different from above, including what risk do you think SC may face, how will SC be in 5 yrs time…,

They will employ 10 ppl in london i think.
Appreciate if there is any news regarding to the AC.


they say 5 ppl in wholesale banking division, or all together, totally 10 ppl in take this yr?

Anyway, good luck to you !!!


did anyone hear back after telephone interveiw? I was told in the telephone interveiw they will have a AC this week. :frowning: Maybe i didnt get through.


@ flowergrass, if you did not make it through scb would have contacted you either way to let you know how you did. I think they just have a lot to sort. did my telephone interview bout 3weeks now and not heard anything yet.

pls if there’s anybody in the house that has heard from them or more so being invited to the assessment center. could you pls let us know