Standard Chartered Internship


just stumbled upon this great website, hope one of you guys can give me some advice

i’ve applied for the standard chartered internship in singapore, for the consumer banking division. i’ve actually went for the first round interviews about 3 weeks ago, but i haven’t heard from them since! has anyone got an offer from them already for this position? it really sucks to be just waiting for a response, would really love any advice regarding my situation!



3 weeks is nothing. My wait is approaching 2 months and yet to hear. BTW who did you face interview with? Or you had phone interview?


Hi Madeline,

I guess you should hear from them some time this week. I went for my interview in early Feb and only just confirmed my internship with SCB. Applied for wholesale banking, but got posted to consumer banking instead. Still very excited nonetheless!!

Good luck!!



Hey guys,

I got a call last week too and phyllis told me that I got the internship position with consumer banking as well! super excited too…sabrina, has she sent you the official offer yet though? cos i was on the train and couldn’t hear her what she was saying properly…i only heard that there’re some administrative things she wishes to confirm with us? hahaha…so just wondering what the process was supposed to be after the phone confirmation.

and aurora, i guess you’re in the same situation as sabrina since you had went for your interview in early feb. i hope you will get the job!



hey M!

Nope she hasn’t. Only said that she wants to try and complete this thing by this week. So I guess the offers will be made this week!

We might even be in the same dept eh??



yes we might!! haha this is indeed quite exciting:) i’ll let you know when i get notice on which dept i’ll be going to!


Hi. Any of you have any follow-up after you got confirmation that you got the internship?


Hi. Any of you have any follow-up after you got confirmation that you got the internship?


Hey! nope i haven’t received any follow up yet…have you?


have u have any further interviews with anyone yet?


well, if you’ve noticed, i did ask you a question which you didn’t answer


Nope. All the best anyway.