Standard Chartered International Wholesale



Has anyone applied for SC UK International wholesale graduate scheme and completed all the tests?
I just graduated and havent taken any online tests so far. Just wondering if someone could give me some useful information regarding to the position.

I heard there are 4 tests, logical, numerical, talents and essay questions.
Can anyone share the experinces about how many questions you managed to finish the logical and numerical then proceeded to the essay questions?

If you failed (i am sorry :frowning: ), would you mind providing your experiences as well?



both the logical and numerical are a breeze if you have a bit of practice by now.
The talent assessment is slightly tricky because SC seeks certain profiles. You cannot really prepare this one but you can “manipulate” it to a certain extent if you know what the guys are after…

good luck!


Hi there hazelground,

Mate could you shed some more light on personality tests. I applied to SCB last year but failed the personality test. What exactly are they looking for? And how can i manipulate my responses?



Hai guys,
can someone please help me prepare for the second round interviews and presentation…i really need some help… ASAP!..
I’ve applied for the wholesale banking IGP in Zambia…Help…i really just want to know what to expect especially the presentation…please anyone i will be so grateful…
God bless you all for this forum…x



  1. wanted to ask after you fill in the application form, do you get directed to the online tests?

  2. What are these tests- numerical and reasoning? Also do we need to provide answers for competency questions too ( is this in personality part?)

  3. Do we have a time limit for the numerical tests?

  4. I am a British citizen and interested in the corporate real estate strategy programme as well as the wholesale banking. Can we only choose one? Also, regarding the British citizen query - says we need to have visa requirements could I be able to apply to the UAE and Singapore as they do offer temporary work visas right?

  5. Is it worth applying to Singapore grad scheme for the real estate programme as the deadline is for 31st march.

tthanks! x