Standard Chartered International Graduate Programme anyone?



did anyone do a final interview for the ig prog financial markets track?

I have an interview coming up in the next 9 hours…
Standard Chartered is my no1 choice and would be very grateful for any advice on what was asked.

Many thanks in advance


has anyone had an interview with the head of finance?


How did the final interview go? what were you asked?


Hi, i have had the video interview in dec 2014, for the 2015 program starting in september, and since then i have had no news from SC meaning nothing. Anyone else in the same situation?


Guys, i have been invited for the business interview next week on tuesday, as it is the final stage of the process, what am i likely to expect


Has anyone else applied to the international graduate programme at standard chartered? I have just sent in my application and have to take a couple of numerical and logical reasoning tests. Any advice would be appreciated as i have not taken these tests before.


I’m applying for the financial markets


Please hoe do I practice for the strengths test


hey did you pass your interview?