Standard Chartered International Graduate Programme anyone?


Hmmm it took me around 15 mins. And yes, it means you’ve passed those tests :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input! I have submitted my full application but they only sent me an email saying my application is under review due to large volume of applications. I am surprised that I didn’t get to do the questionnaire straight away after filling in my detail as i thought it’s a automatically generated online test after the full application.


Hi there everyone. Its good to see a lot of people applying to the SCB IG program. I can tell its going to be very competitive even if the online assessments are passed. I just had one question to everyone. Me and my friend, we both applied to the IG program from the SCB website. After registration, they sent a link for giving the Abstract and Numerical aptitude tests. Then we uploaded our CVs and filled out the blanks required to get the application processed. After 5 mins, they sent us the link to complete the Work Strength Assessment. Upon completion of the last assessment, my application status says “YOUR APPLICATION” and my friend’s one says “UNDER REVIEW” . Can anyone tell me the difference between the two statuses ? It would be appreciated if someone responded. Thanks


After I completed my online tests and completed my application with CV upload etc i got an email today saying my application is under review due to large volume of applications. What is the questionnaire and the personality tests people are talking about in this forum? Is it after you submit your complete application. I applied for IGP Transaction banking APAC region. Anyone like me?


@shaheryar so sorry to read about your rejection. For the international graduate program they do look for candidates with international experience may it be a foreign degree or living outside your home country. This is because in this program you work internationally from what I’ve heard. Can I ask you a question which programme did you apply to and which country?

As for the personality questionaire if you look at the application process they do mention it, but from what I’ve read on this forum they have different application process procedures for different countries. On that note I did not receive the questionaire either. Just got the email like nIr3169 after completing the test and application.

@nowfel did he get the “under review” status right after submitting the information or after a few days? If he got it right away doesnt mean a thing Its probably because he applied to another department within IG programme. If he got it after a few days it means someone has looked at his application and its under review now.



It became Under Review after 3 to 5 minutes. But what is the difference between “Your Application” and “Under Review” ?. Both email state that the application will be reviewed by a member of the Talent Acquisition Team and we will be contacted shortly afterwards.


@nowfel that means it was an automatic thing and doesnt meant anything. You both have different application status probably because you applied to different departments within IG. This has happened to me with different banks.


Hi ,

I have read a lot of these posts on SCB and seeing as I have applied to this year’s program, would like to join in and update and help others.

Here is a run down of my experience thus far:

  1. I indeed applied on 13th Sept 2013, For IG- Coverage and Corporate Bank in Kenya.> SCB: Thank you for Registering… We shall contact you on the next steps.

  2. A few minutes later, still on 6th, I received the invite for the Aptitude and Numerical Tests. I practiced for two days, had a day of rest and did the tests. I thought they were okay but tricky especially as one is about to finish a testlet >

  3. On the 16th I received the Complete your profile as a next step. In as far as I know, this means that the results of the first two tests were satisfactory enough to continue with the process. I understand SCB are usually very quick to issue regret notices. Indeed, last year, my friend was eliminated at this stage.

  4. On completion of the profile and uploading my CV, I have gotten the Wave Strengths Questionnaire. (Last year, I filled this form without thinking. I was trying to be very nice like when they ask how do you rate teamwork vs punctuality vs honesty vs competition, etc I would try to appear to be nice. The system would keep on making me make tough choices. I failed.) This year, I kept everything I said at the back of my mind in perspective just to rule out lack of consistency. IT seems to have worked, because I did not receive an immediate reject notice!

5.A day later , 17th/09/13 I got the standard, “Your application and assessment results have been successfully submitted and due to the high volume of interest in our graduate programmes your application remains under review.A member of the Talent Acquisition Team will endeavour to contact you in the coming weeks.”

  1. Ten days later I also received a generic " Your completed application form and assessment results have been successfully submitted. A member of the Talent Acquisition Team will review your application against the Kenya - Coverage & Corporate Finance International Graduate Programme vacancy you applied to and will contact you again shortly."

So that’s where I am at for now. I hope all will pan out. And I hope this post helps someone out there. :slight_smile: In the mean time, a lot of research into SCB, the program and the landscape will have to suffice.

I noticed someone above mentioning International experience as a requirement for IGP. I have gone to a local university, but interned for a financial services group in the US, so maybe there is a bit of truth in this.


I applied to the coverage and corporate finance program. I got an email with a link to both the numerical test and the logical one. I did them both and I believe I did very good.
Right after I finished the tests. I received the complete your profile email. I completed the info required. Till now, I have received neither the Questionnaire nor the high volume applications email.

I’ll wait and see …


Hi guys… I have completed my numerical and logical online tests… I received a mail requesting me to fill in additional information and upload my CV. Does this mean I have passed the tests?


I am also on the exact same position :slight_smile: Hopefully it works out !


Received a call from HR, but the number was Korean! Having applied in Kenya for Coverage and Corporate Banking, that was really weird.

Anyway, they asked a few questions to confirm my degree completion, what it was (seems the guy didn’t know what Actuarial Science is, or was testing me) and then said that he had shortlisted me.

So I am to book an interview on the portal at a time of convinience. Hopefully, it will all work out!

Good Luck to everyone!


Hi everyone,
it’s really nice to find this forum!
Has anyone here passed the telephone interview yet?
And which country did you guys applied to?


I havent received anything from SC for a while now. Its going to be nearly 2 months since I completed the test. At first my applciation status was application received now it’s application under review. I dont know why they are taking this long when everyone on the forum tells you they are pretty fast with the application process.


Hey User10,

I know how frustrating it is, especially when they give timelines and don’t keep to them.

Just manage your expectations by keeping busy with other stuff and preparing for the interviews and making sure that when you get a chance, you are ready.

I went through this with another application process. When I got the interview, I was completely unprepared and regretted wasting my time and energy with getting the interview and for the process to move ahead as opposed to investing time into learning everything humanly possible for the interview.

Hope is very important. Keep it alive.

User10, also keep in mind that it depends on where you are applying to. I come from a small country and think that there are fewer applications than in a place like Singapore, London or HongKong. So there is still lots of hope.

God Bless. It will all work out.



How did your telephone interview go? Did you receive anything further?


Hi @hsbcsw,

Yesterday I received another call from HR in Korea. I didn’t realise and couldn’t pick.

Since my last call where they had mentioned that I would receive an email to book my appointment nothing had happened.

Today though, I received the email that allowed me to book the appointment for this Friday the 25th.

Hopefully it goes well. Either way, I will be sure to tell everyone how it goes.

Wish me luck. Would love to know how everyone else is doing including you Hsbcsw and User10.


@ GoodGolfer! All the best! I am pretty sure you will do well. Keep us updated after it gets over. Please ask them towards the end of the interview about the timeline for the next stage. Cheers!


@GoodGolfer thanks for the support, but sadly I got the rejection today. I guess if they dont contact you within 2 weeks from passing the test it’s going to be a rejection. It really pisses me off when they reject you after 2 months while stating on their site that you should expect an answer within 2 days.

anyways Good luck mate



I am very sorry to hear that. I know as well how that feels. Warming up to something and then it being snatched away from you while you were banking on it.

Think of the rejection not really as a rejection but a release to look at other oppprtunities out there. I know it sounds crazy and naive, but don’t let one thing put you down.

God be with you. Trust in my prayers for you and everyone on this forum looking for a job.