Standard Chartered International Graduate Programme anyone?


Has anyone else applied to the international graduate programme at standard chartered? I have just sent in my application and have to take a couploe of numerical and logical reasoning tests. Any advice would be appreciated as i have not taken these tests before.


are you applying for SC UK?


I have applied for SC WB Analyst program. if u pass the logical reasoning test u’ll be invited to take a numerical reasoning test.
Logical reasoning is not that hard. u’ll have to finish 24 questions in 12 minutes.
the numerical reasoning test has 20 questions to be done in 20 Minutes.

The test provider is kenexa (Formerly PSL) they have 1 practice test for logical and numerical reasoning which u’ll find at

Numerical test difficulty level is moderate. u should be able to do it quickly though questions are easy.

for practice you can try different sources such as efinancial careers numerical reasoning, shl practice tests, assessment day, wiki job etc


I have applied to the corporate real estate programme. Still have to give my tests which i plan to do shortly. Thanks for the info naren.


I have applied to the corporate real estate programme. Still have to give my tests which i plan to do shortly. Thanks for the info naren.


Does anyone know the time-line of getting a response from Standard Chartered after submitting the essays?


@ Cleo: It depends on which programme you applied for. If you applied for 2011 then technically they could get back to us by June next year.
@ everyone: what did you think about the difficulty of the numerical? I coudnt understand the last two Qs.



Has anyone been invited for a telephone interview yet?


Whereva I am thea was no tel interview,any1 gone 4 grup asessment


Whereva I am thea was no tel interview,any1 gone 4 grup asessment


hiyya peeps…
how many of you peeps fot into the program? i wanna know as i applied for the 2011 CRES role but after a while was told that the position was full-despite that i had passed…


hi everyone, im new here


Im looking to get onto the graduate program… my maths is strong but im afriad i fail…Hi who can help me pass the maths test test 2-test3?
I will pay you for your help. Resident of london

If so contact me. Thanks


I applied for the standard chartered international graduate wholesale banking program. You get the test after 5 - 10 mins of submitting the application. First test is the logical reasoning one its not from SHL or Kenexa. Its from another company I cant remember the name right now. The logical reasoning consist of 8 question with each question having aditional 4 question that you have to answer within a limit. I dont remember the time limit for logical.

If you pass the logical you get the numerical test 5-10 mins after the logical it again consist of 8 questions. Each question has a graph from which they ask you additional 4 question and the limit is 3 mins for these questions. The time is sufficient to complete the test.

After completing the test you will know if you pass or not in 5-10 mins. If you passed they will ask you complete your application by adding education information and CV. After this you will receive an email saying your application has been completed and received.

I havent reached the interview stage yet and it has been 2 days since I received the email about my application being received after completing my application.

One thing about the tests I would suggest you should apply to a lot of banks. Start of with the bank where even if you receive a rejection it wont matter much and work your way up to your dream job. This way you can practice the numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests. They all are pretty much similar and most banks use SHL or Kenexa. This way when you do the test for your dream job you wont fail the online test.


Hey guys, i sent in the application and proceeded to do the two online assessments. Then another automated email came in requesting that i fill in the rest of my personal information and upload my resume etc.

Received an email yesterday that i didn’t make the cut. (on a sunday?!)



I applied for the Financial Markets International Graduate Program. I passed the tests and got an invitation to an interview (details coming soon, they said). Is anyone in this situation?



@Maxiee how long did it take for the rejection from the moment you submitted the complete application?

@dilo88 How long did it take for you to get the invitation for an interview after you submitted the application.

I submitted mine on the 4th, but still nothing they did email me though saying they have had a large number of applications, my application is under review and someone will get to me in the coming weeks.

Should I contact them? because from what I’ve read they usually are pretty quick with the interviews.


@User10: just a couple of days. I was quite sure I had made it through the tests, though.


@dilo88 They auto-reject you straight away if you dont pass the test without even looking at your application. I know this because I applied for their internship last year and failed the test. If you pass the test you complete the application further. I guess I will wait a few more day and then call them.

Thanks for replying.


It was the next day. I guess they didn’t like my resume.