Standard Chartered IG (2013 intake)


Hello… I was wondering if anyone has taken the Global Abstract Aptitude test for SCB IG …
I completed mine today and received the following notification:
"Candidate Disposition: Completed Global Abstract Aptitude Test
Thank you for completing the Global Abstract Aptitude Test.
We are currently reviewing your test results and will be in touch again soon. "
Don’t they usually send the result pass/fail directly??
** The test provider has been changed to saville consulting…dono if this might be a possible reason


Hey Sam28, I finished my tests on the 1st and still waiting. My friend done his yesterday and received an email saying he failed it, but on the actual portal it still says it’s being reviewed. So, I guess it’s an automated rejection if you didn’t meet a certain boundary, which correspondence is in the form of email… I hate waiting :frowning:


Ah, I should add I mean I only have completed the aptitude test; I put tests in my first comment implying I’d completed more tests, sorry!


Thx for the reply. Nothin new so far… Hopefully they’ll get back soon enough…There are 2 more tests


Yeah, a numerical and then a personality one I see… I hope I make it through the tests, will be annoyed if I haven’t!

All the best.


any news?


Nope… Seems it’s gna take some time… My guess is they’re gona wait until a significant number of results is received. Then they’ll select the top scorers only…Can’t see another reason for the delay


Yeah I agree. I’ll keep you posted on here.


I just got an email inviting me to take the 2nd aptitude test.


Same here… Goodluck!


Im looking to get onto the graduate program… my maths is strong but im afriad i fail…Hi who can help me pass the maths test test 2-test3?
I will pay you for your help. Resident of london

If so contact me. Thanks


Does anyone know what and how tests do they have? The first one was the Global Abstract Aptitude test? Does anyone know what is to follow?


Actually you can refer to their website which has all the details:

Their recruitment process differs by division…


Please what assessment is standard chartered using? I’ve been invited to write a Global Abstract Aptitude test how can I prepare for it.


i completed the 2nd numerical test two days ago. has anyone received their results yet?


hi guys.

im applying for the consumer banking fast track programme.
i just did the abtstract aptitude test and i just wanted to get an idea of how long i have to wait till i get a response as to how i did and when i can do the next test?

thanks guys


i just did the numerical and personality tests, 24 hours after the first ptitude test. seems as though they respond pretty quick


oh… i did the numerical test but they have yet to respond … oh no ><
wonder if it is because i am applying for the international graduate programme and not the consumer banking fast track programme …
although it shouldnt matter …


For those of you who are about to take the personality test my advice is: Be Yourself and don’t lie about anything… They’ll be looking for consistency even if it means that you’re gna score low on some traits…


Hey Sam28,
I am wondering how long it took for them to get back to your regarding your numerical results? Do they contact you about pass/fail or am I suppose to assume that I am rejected if they did not get back to me right away?