Standard Chartered Bank Consumer Banking Fast Track Program-Bangladesh Telephone Interview

Standard Chartered Bank

I have taken assistance from this site many a times!
I thought i should return the favor by posting about my experience with SCB telephonic interview!

So here are the questions i got asked:

Random questions:

  1. do you have work permit to work in Bangladesh?
  2. how did you learn both Bangla and English language?
  3. now that you are about to graduate, how did you decide on which career to pursue?
  4. Why standard chartered ft? how does it fit with your short term and long term vision/goals?

Competency based questions:

  1. Tell me a situation where you had to deliver high quality work
  2. Tell me about a time when you had to cope with change?
  3. tell me about a time when you did not share an opinion with your team mates? how did you cope?

Hope that helps someone!!


hi mou2si

How are you may you please advise i took the telephone inteview in january and the lady told me they will contact me with details of the next step, but i havent heard from them since then, my status reads

Candidate Disposition
: Your Application

Thank you for applying to Standard Chartered and for taking the time to interview with us.

We are currently reviewing your application and will revert to you shortly.

Kind regards
Standard Chartered
Talent Acquisition Team

I am losing patience, sholud i be panicking or not?


Hi Lish!

I also took the telephone interview in January and received the same email! This email means that they have considered your tele interview positively and will get back to you when its time for their assessment centers!

The ACs in our country started only few days back… and they have held around 3/4 ACs so far and have called around 8 persons per day! SCB still hasn’t called me but a few of my friends have got called for the AC. So my advice is, wait for a while! They will get back to you! Or, keep applying at other companies! You never know, an even better opportunity might come up! for instance, i got selected for the Management Associate program of Citibank N.A BAngladesh and i have joined this month!

Keep calm and have patience!

Good luck!


hi mou2si

How are you thank you for the info, it really calmed my nerves,
have the AC"S for your country completed, please update on any farther occurrences, what the people were being assesed on and how?



hi mou2si

This is helpful. pleas keep us posted on what take place during assessment centre sessions.