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Still haven’t received an update after the video interview for the 2018 IG programme. Have you??


No, I haven’t received any feedback


how long after final interview did you hear back?


Hi everyone,
How long after the final interview did anyone receive the offer or rejection?



how long after your final interview did you hear back?


Anybody got the Video Interview Questions for 2018 Summer Internship? Feel free to pm


HI schlumdkelly, I got an invite for a telephonic interview and I will be glad ignore u can shed more light on what to expect at this stage. Thanks


Hello there, congratulations for being selected as one of the 2017 IGs, well am apllying for the 2018 programme from kenya and i just did the video interview, how long do they take to call you for the face to face interview?


got feedback on 5 December did telephone interview on 12 December


Did any more people get interviews??


what am to expect for the telephone interview? Do i get to see the person interviewing me or just phone call. any hint on the interview questions will highly be appreciated


What kind of Package can I expect in India


Can you please share any hints about the video interview. the prerecorded one. thanks


Any kenyan applying for the 2019 standard chartered graduate program?


Yes, i applied early September for the wealth management stream. Just done the HR interview. Said i would get feedback in 2 weeks whether i succeeded to the next step or not…wbu?


HR interview? You were invited to standard chartered HQ for the interview?


I did the HR interview in the last week of October. Still waiting for feedback. Anyone who has been called up for the business interview yet? Am based in Kenya


Hello Everyone
I recently submitted my video interview to SCB on Saturday for the 2019 internship. Does anyone know when I will get a response for the video interview? Am so eager to know . thanks


Hello mandalorian . How long did it take them to get back to you after the video interview?


anybody got offer for the 2019 IGP . what is your job status on your application page. finished my final interview last year December and haven’t heard back