Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank


Yes. HR


Thanks. Was it the Nigerian hr team you spoke to?


No. South Africa


Hi, I am applying to Wealth Management as well but for Malaysia. What did they ask you during the video interview? :slight_smile:


Hi, I applied for Wealth Management as well but in Malaysia. May I know what kind of questions they ask in Video Interview and the HR interview please?


strength based questions like what motivates you? how you handle difficult situations?


Hi! I have been invited to take the Video Interview. Can you help me with regard to what kind of questions are asked in the video interview?
Thanks !


has any Nigerian been contacted after the phone interview?


Ok, thanks


I know of people who have. You?


I haven’t been contacted


Has anyone from SA been contacted after the video interview?


Hi dididante777

I did my video interview in December. Still haven’t been contacted after that. Are you still waiting? And do you know of anyone who has done anything after?


Hello Leina. I did mune since the beginning of October but nothing ever since. Also, I haven’t heard of anyone from SA who have been contacted…have you heard of anyone on your side?


Hi Dididante. I haven’t heard anyone either. You are actually the only other person I know who’s applied for Sa. Please keep me posted if you hear anything


Sure case Leina…there are a few on this forum, about 4 inclusive of you and I…please do keep me posted also if you hear anything.


Hey I am yet to do a logical and numerical test what would you advise me to do?


Hey how best can you advise me on the numerical and logical test


I will definitely do the same


Have you heard back?