Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

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Is the business interview usually the final round? Also, does anyone know how long it usually takes for feedback after business interview? (I applied hong kong)


Poa, let’s wait and see, because of all the kenyans i know who applied and reached video interview level, none has been responded to, so hopes still high


Congrats, how was the HR interview?


it was fine. The business interview was okay too. Just wondering if anyone has started receiving offers yet.


Hi guys
Anyone received any feedback after the video interview stage? Also is there anyone here applying for the South Africa IG role?


Has anyone who applied from Sri Lanka received any feedback after the video interview?


What kind of questions were you asked?


Hi LienaBW. I did the video interview at the end of October yet no response yet. Have you heard anything or anyone with a feedback yet after the video interview?


Hi taylor, how long did you wait for a response after the HR interview? Was it two weeks or 1 month?


Hello guys, please is there anyone here applying for a role in Ghana?


Hey guys I passed the video and phone interview and now I’ve been called over for an interview in person at Standard Chartered for the Wealth Management Program. Can anyone let me know what kind of questions they ask at the business interview? Thanks


I had my phone interview yesterday. I’m waiting for the response. Please when are you having your business interview and from which country did you apply?


Hi! What kind of questions were asked … Although I’m applying for corporate finance fm Nigeria though, but I am scheduled a phone interview …I just want to know the trend of questions to be expected…I’d appreciate a quick response… thank you


I had it today. Very general interview. Typical interview questions


I did my telephone interview on the 7th of march. I applied for the wealth management stream, Nigeria. I am yet to receive feedback.


Hello, what Country are you applying from, and how long did it take to get feedback for the phone interview?


Hi, when were you informed about the phone interview?


Was this your first interview after the video interview? And was it HR or Business? What kind of questions did they ask…


It’ll be questions based on your experiences and CV… How you prioritise workload, how flexible and adaptable u r and the kind…


What kind of questions were you asked?