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Hi guys, how long does it take to get a response after a video interview? Do they respond through phone or e-mail? Applied for the international graduate programme South Africa. Did interview 2 weeks back


Hey there, I applied for retail banking IG prog Singapore and it took about 3 weeks for them to respond through phone after the video interview for me. HR interview was next and then just within a week, the final (business) interview was arranged.


great discussion here, I believe i will also get insights, I have applied for the IG program Kenya and am just about to do the first personal assessment anyone also from Kenya here?


Hey David have you received any reply after the video interview? and the interview is it Kenyan based or its external?


Thank you Lewis. I hope they respond through e-mail cause I’ll be out of the country till end of January’s (no access to my local cell number).


Any ideas on what questions are asked for final stage interview for CIB Clients & CF International graduate scheme?


Thanks guys, there are some easy and there are some tough question. you could expect something like. Why us? why not other Bank such as Citibank and HSBC, some others question are quite similar to the Skype/ HR interview however, I was ask about my view regarding country’s GDP/ Inflation/ interest rates/ stocks. They mainly want to get to know you so be prepare to tell them about yourself ( in a good way) …


did you interview with Danny? : )


Hi guys, any ideas on what they can ask for hr interview


Hello, congrats for making it to the HR level. You are applying from which country?


Hey wassup there mate? Wanted to ask, did you apply for the S.A. programme? & also do they call you it send an email after the video interview for the HR step? Cheers


hi guys anyone from Zimbabwe who applied and how did the process go i have only received one email stating i need to do a Strength Assesment test


Hi, guys! I got an email inviting for HR interview (Singapore). Anyone can share their experience please:
What type is the interview? ( Strength-based, competency based, CV …)
What questions came up during the interview?
How long was the interview?
Any advice and suggestions would be great!
Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Dee, How soon after the HR interview did you get your invitation to the final round?

How did the final round go?


Hy Taylor, any feedback after the HR interview?


anybody applied in Kenya and did the video interview please let us know if you have received any feedback. I did my video interview in October and nothing yet


You are not alone bro. Did mine on the the 5th of october, still no response


ok I see. lets just wait I guess. thanks


When did you do yours?


24th of october