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Hello Vihs. Congratulations on the call for interview by HR. Wish you best of luck…Out of curiosity, to which country is your application and how long did you have to wait after the video interview? Secondly, were you contacted telephonically or via your email?


Hello guys. Is anyone here applying for the programme in South Africa and have you been contacted after the video interview by HR? I did my video interview about three weeks ago and eagerly waiting for response.


I am also applying for the programme in South Africa I haven’t heared anything too lets give each other a headsup if we get contacted . wish u all the best


Surely so Kuta. Definitely will. All the best likewise.


Congrats Vihs, applied for the financial markets in lagos, Nigeria. Still waiting for the HR Interview, did the video interview a while ago


Same here, Please can anyone help with this?


same just got the Email today


Hey . what country did you apply to?
My friend who went thru the process said the HR interview is more personality based so qn are mostly about experience and stuff.


So just had the Skype interview ( After VDO interview) , MR. HR said, he is going to appoint Someone* for my last interview omggg lol


Congrats Taylor, still waiting here. What did the email say?


Hey guys I’m also in the same boat. Will be sure to post if anything comes up


Hi Taylor K , I was wondering which country u applied from and how did they take to reply to u after the video interview ?


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Thanks man ,this is what the Email said “We have seen your video interview and would like to invite you to a HR skype interview on Friday, **************time.”

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.


Good Day Taylor K. Wishing you the best of luck on your Skype interview. Could you please share with us which country you applied from and how long before the invitation?


hey man, Thanks. I already passed the Skype interview, at this stage I’m waiting for an appointment to be interviewed with head of the department. The waiting time until i get skype interview was 1 month and a half : ) I’m applying in APAC Region : )


Congrats Taylor, kindly what questions or type of questions were you asked during the Skype interview?


wow. congratulations Taylor. Am happy for you. You have come a long way and being of assistance to many on the forum. This time I guess I should actually wish you a good time with standard chartered.


It was pretty much similar to the Vdo interview , questions like Why this position/Company, Tell me a bit about yourself, What would you do if you have been working on a project but your manager shut it down, What do you know about Financial products( I applied for the Financial Market roles). There are other questions as well but that is mainly about you, the HR guy was being very nice I’m pretty sure you can do it : )

Hope this helps.
PS: Keep smiling


Hey Taylor,
Congratulations ! How was the final interview? What kind of questions did you get?