Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank


Not the international graduate program?


@Taylor, do they reply through a phone call or email?


Hello chidi, did they unblock your account?


Applied for 2016 Internship Program. Although I applied for that I had to do first three online tests and VDO interview. Now waiting for HR interview.


Nice, which country?


Yes they did . I did the interview but I still haven’t heard anything from them


@nvchidi, that’s good, I also did the video interview, just waiting for response, which program did you apply and from which country?


Hi, also completed the video interview. Am from kenya


That’s cool, am also waiting, give me your number we will keep in touch through whatsapp,


Thats cool. I applied quite some time ago but still havnt heard back so was wondering if anyone else has yet. :slight_smile:


I applied for the transactional banking graduate program in South Africa .


Hey Bro, you got the reply from them yet?


Hi Guys! I’ve passed the online tests and now I have to go through the video interview. Could you tell me what kind of question you were asked and how did you prepare? Thanks


This kind of questions.
What motivates you to work with others?
How will you feel if given a task by your boss?
Have you ever recorded a major set back?
How would you achieve customer satisfaction?
How do you feel when others ask you for advice?
When was the last time you adapted your interpersonal style?
What was the last big mistake you made as well as lessons learnt?
How do you build relationships with fellow graduates?
What personal characteristics will you say have contributed to your success today?


Hi guys,

I have passed the 3 online tests and I have now to do the Video interview. Could you please tell me how many questions they are at this step ?

Thanks a lot


alexdavidjones2015 please contact me.


hey… I gave the video interview one month back and still have not heard anything from them. Can anyone tell me how much time they take to reply?


Hi, I’m preparing for the numerical test, any tips? Cheers~


Hey guys I got invited to the HR Interview after video interview. Any ideas what to expect?


Heey congratulations vihs, I did the video interview but the HR not yet. How long has it taken for them to contact you after they video interview? When was your video interview?