Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank


Hi Victoria, I am about to have my Video Interview with SC. What questions can I expect from this round? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience! ~Oliver


Can anyone give me an idea about the Initial strengths assessment test? what kind of questions will be there and how to answer them?


Hi my login account at SCB has been blocked for the interview ,is there anyway to resolve this ?


After which stage?


After the numerical and logical tests


Blocked? What are you told when you try to login?


I have question on logical test. Did you receive the logical test result right away? what was your result (percentage)? and after getting the result email, did you receive an email to take numerical exam right away or how many hours did it take? Appreciate your reply…


Just go to the assessment website and do the practices test first. it will give an idea of what to expect. the real test is usually simpler.


the feedback is immediate less than five minutes if you dont get either it means that you have not passed.


Hi I have applied for 2016 internship program. So far I have done until video interview. My other friends got rejected emails. But so far I haven’t got any feedback about my completed video interview. They should give the feedback for my completed video interview. If I pass I will be able to go for HR interview.
Please give me any feedback about this thing


Hi, has anyone received the response after the interview? Does anyone have an idea of roughly how long it takes for us to get the result of the video interview (i.e. whether we make it to the next round)?


Same here, completed the video interview, just waiting for feedback, am from Kenya and you?


Same here, completed the video interview, just waiting for feedback, am from Kenya and you?


I’m waiting for the feedback as well. From what I heard it should take no more than 4 weeks. And you will get it regardless of the outcome.


Hi Kan_so, I think they should send the email in this month. That means before starting November. Anyway thank u for your feedback.


Nice, let’s hope for the best, Which country are you applying from?


Will it be a call or an email?


Thanks Taylor. How long ago did you apply?


I did VDO interview about 4-5 days ago. Started the whole process probably 1 week ago. : )


Yeah, looking forward to hearing from them. I applied for 2016 internship program.