Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

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Darling I hope thats not your real name. You have just broken industrial rules.


Any news from the video interviews?Still no feedback!


Hello everyone, I was going through the webesite of SC and noticed that they stated that they are planning to fill all graduate positions before christmas :frowning:
I have passed the video interview and still did not have any feedback…


how do you know you passed the video interview?


I’ve had my final interview


For which office?


I miswrote or because it a direct translation from my native language. I meant by “Passed” -> “Had”. Sorry for that


How long di you wait after succesfully passing the video interview before they called you back? Did they notify you by email or phone?
Do you think they will fill all positions by Xmas from what you heard and saw? I applied to AWM


How many interviews did you have after the video interview?


Two interviews after the video interview


Thanks. What country?


on the same day? or do you proceed to the final interview by passing the first one?


Hi folks, any one hear back from SC, I did my video interview more than a month ago and did not hear back anything. Also, can I have HR number or email, it would be really appreciate.


Hi guys! I have applied to IG Programme - Corporate & Institutional Banking & Corporate Finance. I’m having an interview with the HR team soon. Any ideas on kinds of questions they will ask? Technical or competency-based questions? Cheers


Hi! Check out this site to get an idea :
By the way, how long did it take them to get in touch with you after your video interview? And what country are you in? Cheers and good luck!


Thanks JayGarrick! It took about 3 weeks for them to get back to me. Mine is Singapore.


Hi guys, did anyone pass the Standard Chartered Strengths Assessment? im stuk on the first question and was wondering if anyone can help?


Hi all


Any feedback?