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Hi, has anyone gone through the video interview which asks you to record your response? I’ve got the link to get access to the interview and was told to complete it within 5 days.

Could anyone advise me on how it works? and what type of questions do they ask? I’ve applied for Wealth Management.

Thank you!! and best of luck for your applications.


I did my video interview a few weeks ago for CIC. The video interview is self-recorded, so when you follow the link they provided, you will enter a platform where you will record yourself. You get about 9 to 12 questions depending which department I think, I had 10. Then 30 seconds to prepare for each questions and about 90 seconds to answer each, though you don’t have to use up all 90 seconds, but it’s encouraged to make full use of it. Prior to that, they allow you to practice recording yourself. The questions are strengths/competencies based, like “Give me a time when you…”, “What is your biggest achievement in university and why?” etc.


Thank you Lan Le! As for the practice, is that right at the beginning of the interview or for each question? only 90 seconds, so they aren’t looking for lengthy answers.

Was is difficult? Did you get proceed to the next stage?


How was your video interview? Did that turn out to be alright? I’ve to do mine by the end of this week. The questions are mainly competency based I notice, but were they tough?


The questions are pretty standard I think, nothing to try and trip you over, though since you’re in wealth management, there will probably be questions about dealing with clients. You should be to the point right away, but not like you should be listing bullet points, and try to use examples. Only at the beginning, and they wont even see those anyways. I have been invited to an HR interview afterward.


hy Lan Le, i did my video interview on the 1st of October and still haven’t got feedback, when did you do yours?


When did you do your video interview? I still haven’t heard back? I did mine about a week ago


I did my video interview about a month ago, towards the end of September


btw, are the responses to the questions directly recorded on their platform? need any other softwares?


Just make sure your browser has the latest version of flash installed. I suggest using Chrome to be safe. Videos are recorded on the platform, so you only need Chrome and a bottle of water lying about.


Thank you so much! hopefully I’ll be fine when I’m doing this, despite I’m having a really bad flu.
Which country did you apply to?


what if the internet is suddenly disconnected during the interview? can i start again???


Anyone heard anything?


Nope not yet. Been almost 3 weeks now. What about you?


Nope. Little over a month here. But I sent an email and was told that they just have a lot to sort through. So, patience…


I contacted the HR that interviewed me and she said they are waiting for more candidates in our area, most haven’t reached this round yet.


is the invitation to the hr interview through a call or through email?


any updates?


hey, i have to complete video interview in a couple of days time. I would be really grateful if you can throw some light on the kind of questions they ask and how to tackle them. Thank you very much in advance