Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank


They may be technical but they will bring an easier question if you fail the previous


cool, so it the numerical and the shapes and patterns only?


Judging by what I did, YES.


@nimzchris, how was your video interview?


i am yet to do the aptitude test, i wanna do it like an hour from now, have you already done the video interview?


Yea, I have just completed. Success.


Can I apply in January or February next year for 2016 IG program? When do the applications close


Hi , do they accepted undergraduate students?


@W2016, what kind of questions was the video interview asking you, and after how long did they respond back to you?


Hi Has anyone done the video interview for CIC yet??


Did my HR interview one week ago.


It’s best to apply as soon as possible. Applying near the close date isn’t a good idea.


Do you remember what the questions were like for the video interview? Was it hard? Need to do mine today! Super nervous


Any help would be great!!


Did you get feedback from SCB after the video interview?


How long does it take for SC to get back to you after the Video interview?


I did the video interview on 1st october, and am still waiting, what about you?


How long did you wait after the video interview?


I did mine about a week ago. I called them to ask and they said the rough time is two weeks. So guessing you would be hearing pretty soon. What did you apply for?


I applied for commercial banking, and you? And where are you applying from?